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Recent Admittees to the Alabama State Bar

As an attorney, developing and expanding a network of professional contacts is vital to developing business. For attorneys fresh out of law school and seasoned lawyers alike, networking allows for the growth and expansion of your legal practice and career. However, the networking process can be difficult and time consuming, as it is hard to know who to contact and how to get a hold of them. Your problems end here, since Alabama State Bar, a publication of the Attorney Research Group, is a comprehensive, integrated guide to the contact details of the attorneys who recently passed the bar exam. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist legal professionals with their business and networking needs. It is a complete reference to new attorneys in Alabama and their contact information. It is a meticulously compiled book that enables professionals to forge contacts to enhance their businesses.

Alabama State Bar is a book that is perfectly tailored to meet the networking needs of attorneys and other legal professionals in Alabama. As a directory of new attorneys, it features the names of 300+ attorneys.

Alabama State Bar is designed to make locating contacts easy. The value of a book of this kind is twofold. It serves not only as a handy guide for locating potential candidates and business development, but it also helps in reconnecting with old friends, previous acquaintances, colleagues, and former law school associates. The very nature of the book makes it an absolute “must have” for any law library, law firm, or in-house legal department, and is every legal professional’s ultimate guide to networking.

Our Alabama State Bar list contains the contact information for 300+ attorneys.

Each list includes:
  • Attorney’s name
  • Telephone/Fax
  • Email Address
  • Practice Area(s)
  • Name of Employer
  • Address of the Employer
  • Date and Year Admitted in to the Bar
  • Law School Attended


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