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Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed

Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed is a collection of articles that have been written over the years by A. Harrison Barnes, founder of BCG Attorney Search, the largest and most successful legal recruiting firm in the United States. The e-book consists of a series of articles that address:
  • Finding jobs
  • Planning one’s legal career
  • Enjoying the rewards of a successful legal career
  • Conducting oneself in the work environment
  • Handling changing jobs
  • General insights in to the legal profession.
Through his work with BCG Search and other affiliates companies, Harrison is responsible for getting more attorney jobs than any other single individual in the United States.

Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed is a e-book which is dedicated to guiding you towards a successful and meaningful career as an attorney. It is a little kept secret that most attorneys in the United States do not give sufficient thought in planning out their legal careers. Many attorneys follow a glum career path, where they practice for a couple of years at odd firms, and then at some point, break their career paths to practice elsewhere. Therefore, even after spending a substantial number of years in the profession, they still do not know where they want to be in their legal careers.

Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed reveals job seeking secrets to avid career minded individuals. Take a moment, lay back, and think - do you feel that you are where you want to be in your career, or there is a gap between what you are and what you wanted to be when you started out? If you’re not happy with your answer to those questions, or you feel unsure about your answer, this e-book is for you. With your career in question, let the experts guide you!

Number of Pages : 322 pages


PRICE: $29.95

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