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LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part I

Whether you’re looking for your first legal job after law school, reevaluating your career path, or taking your career to a new level by endeavoring to stay on top of new trends in the legal field, LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part I has something for you!

Packed full of articles for the young attorney, the seasoned attorney, and the attorney looking for a career change, this informative e-book is perfect for attorneys in all walks of life.

Your career as a legal professional will go through cycles. At first, as a young, eager attorney fresh out of law school, you’ll need advice on creating an eye-catching resume, acing your interviews, negotiating for your first position, and dressing the part as a professional. After you’ve been around the block a few times and have some experience under your belt, you’ll need tips on the hottest legal trends and how to change and grow with the profession so that you stay current and competitive. And when you’ve been practicing law for longer than you haven’t been, you’ll need advice on the next step, which could be a career change.

You will employ the advice given here frequently throughout your life. LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part I will serve as a handy tool no matter what stage you are at in your legal career.

Number of Pages: 90 pages


PRICE: $19.95

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