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LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part II

After the success of LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, the LawCrossing staff unanimously voted to continue the tradition of dishing out tips and advice to attorneys all over the world—tips and advice that can be found here, in LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part II.

Packed full of even more articles for the young attorney, the seasoned attorney, and the attorney looking for a career change, this informative sequel is perfect for attorneys in all walks of life. Because your career as a legal professional will go through cycles, LawCrossing has created a career advice e-book that you can take with you through it all. From tips on landing your first position to advice on staying competitive in the legal field, this e-book has it all.

While the first e-book in this two-e-book series focused on interview tips, new electronic developments in legal practice, and work-life balance, its sequel covers issues like writing the perfect resume, hiring the best and most efficient staff, and alternative careers for legal professionals.

Get specific advice on preparing for a job interview in the section for young attorneys. Get competitive when it comes to crafting your team by checking out the section for seasoned attorneys. And get real about your future and your plans for it by exploring the section for attorneys considering career changes.

In short, like its predecessor, LawCrossing’s Career Advice Revealed, Part II is an e-book that will be with you through it all, ready and waiting to lend helpful advice and tips on how to be the best you can be at any stage of your legal career.

Number of Pages: 94 pages


PRICE: $19.95

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