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LawCrossing’s Guide To Alternative Careers

Whether you adore the world of law or have regretted your decision to attend law school, the moment you read your first tort, you won’t be the first attorney to dream of turning in his or her Black’s Law Dictionary for something else. From the selfless world of nonprofit work to lucrative business opportunities, LawCrossing’s Alternative Careers Guide is required reading.

LawCrossing’s Alternative Careers Guide features profiles of attorneys who have made successful transitions into non-legal careers—inspirational stories of people who have dared to jump from the traditional legal-practice career path and hit the ground running in a host of varying fields. Yes, it really is possible to transfer your innate talents, finely honed skills, and diverse interests to the job of your dreams that will actually make you want to get up in the morning.

LawCrossing’s Alternative Careers Guide is chock full of relevant information and motivation presented in a well-thought-out and readable format that will benefit even those among us who are most frustrated with their previous professional decisions. If you’ve been dreaming of starting another career, now is the time to seriously consider turning your dreams of today into your realities of tomorrow by reading this book!

Number of Pages: 120 pages


PRICE: $19.95

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