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Guerilla Job Warfare

Every job in the market can be compared to a game, which has both external and internal opponents. You cannot deliver your best if you don’t know how to play the game. Guerilla Job Warfare illustrates how every single day and every single moment matters, and how you should play each day of your life like you are playing in the World Series.

Guerilla Job Warfare exhibits how a lot depends on the team players of a company. A team player can make or mar an organization, bringing either positivity to any organization they join. Similarly, those who have been skipping jobs, bring nothing but negative and polarizing energy to the company. Guerilla Job Warfare is an employee’s guide to corporate climbing in tough economic times. It is the fifth and last in the series of career education e-books titled “Up The Ladder In A Down Economy”.

The need to adhere to rigid rules makes people miserable, while those with more flexible rules are able to adapt in response to their environments. This philosophy also has been accurately showcased in the e-book titled Guerilla Job Warfare.

Number of Pages: 34 pages


PRICE: $12.95

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