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The Advertising Career Guide

The booming industry, smarter audience, cut throat competition -- all of this confirms that that there are no secret mantras for success in the advertising profession. In today’s world, advertising offers challenges that are unheard-of, demands a lot of creativity, imagination, and fresh approaches from advertising professionals.

On the top of all, there are few costly mistakes that new or existing businesses should never make with their advertising. You may offer the greatest services and the finest products, but if your customers are unaware about them, nothing is fruitful. The Advertising Career Guide points out to you, how without aggressive advertising, your business will never be successful.

The Advertising Career Guide is a compilation 20 articles by top advertising experts. The e-book that embellishes you with something extra that will make you stand apart from the crowd is available in PDF version.

The e-book titled The Advertising Career Guide contains sections regarding:
  • Seven Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Advertising
  • Four Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Advertising Investments
  • Strategies for Developing an Effective Online Campaign
  • Five Ways to Rock Your Business to the Top!
  • Four Critical Elements to Ensure the Success of Any New Product Launch
  • From Anthropology to Advertising
  • Worst. Ad Campaign. Ever.
  • Promotional Products: Sensible. Memorable. Affordable.
  • To Add for Ad or Not to Add for Ad? That Is the Question
  • The Agency Producer
  • Who Put the "Happy" In Happy Meal?
  • Promotional Campaigns with Pizzazz

Number of Pages: 39 pages


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