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The Architecture Career Guide

Architects belong to the creative lot, possessing immense planning, business, organizing, and artistic skills. In today’s world, architects hold a prodigious space in varied fields, be it landscaping, historical building preservation, or beautification of projects. Hence it is difficult to ignore architecture’s influence on the ways we live our lives.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16% employment growth for architects between 2008 and 2018. ‘The Architecture Career Guide’ explains how developing young talent is crucial to the ongoing growth and success of any company.

‘The Architecture Career Guide’ elucidates what is the architect’s role in the 21st century, and how is it different from his or her role in the past. ‘The Architecture Career Guide’ is available in PDF version.

The e-book titled The Architecture Career Guide includes sections on:

  • 10 Marketing Tips for Architects
  • A Career in Architecture: Shaping Civilization
  • The 21st Century Architect
  • Solar Energy and Architecture
  • Architecture: Internships and Industry Outlook
  • Sustainable Landscape Architecture
  • Pursuing an Architectural Design Career
  • Building a Career as an Architect
  • Flex for Success

Number of Pages: 50 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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