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The Compliance Career Guide

Want to make a difference in the world? A career in compliance demands diligence, an understanding of the complexities of rules and regulations, and above all, honesty and integrity. ‘The Compliance Career Guide’ illustrates the purpose served by compliance.

Good career opportunities exist in all large organizations for those pursuing careers in compliance. According to a recent survey, top global ethics and compliance officers make about $206,800 per year on average. ‘The Compliance Career Guide’ makes you have a lucid understanding of company compliance goals.

Interviews are crucial times for every prospective compliance job candidate. ‘The Compliance Career Guide’ puts forth exceptional compliance job interview guidelines with the goal of helping to secure a worthwhile compliance career. It also helps enforce and encourage effective compliance. ‘The Compliance Career Guide’ is available in PDF version.

The e-book titled The Compliance Career Guide includes sections on:
  • Three Tips for Creating a Culture of Compliance
  • The Seven Pillars of Compliance
  • How Compliance Assistants Impact Business
  • Modern Internal Auditing and the Quality Compliance Manager
  • The Work of a Compliance Engineer
  • Chief Compliance Officer: A Career Overview
  • The Evolution of Banking Compliance Officers
  • How to Face Compliance Job Interviews
  • Corporate Governance and the Legal Compliance Coordinator
  • The Age of Compliance: An Overview
  • What Is Compliance and What Purpose Does it Serve?
  • Careers in Corporate Compliance
  • The Quality Assurance Compliance professional
  • Becoming a Compliance Consultant
  • Careers in Compliance
  • The Job of a Bank Compliance Officer

Number of Pages: 32 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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