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The Construction Career Guide

It takes more than just knowing the tools of the trade in order to establish a career as a general contractor. ‘The Construction Career Guide’ is a compilation of articles enriching you with all the characteristics that are required to become a reputable general contractor.

In construction, time truly is money. However, delays are inevitable, and many such delays often bring work stoppages and further delays in starting other projects. The career guide ‘The Construction Career Guide’ teaches you steps to prevent delays and also inspires you to aggressively plan for and manage delays.

‘The Construction Career Guide’ conditions you to create happy, loyal clients by offering innovative, serious-minded propositions and recommendations. The e-book titled ‘The Construction Career Guide’ contains sections regarding:

  • Building a Career as a Reputable General Contractor
  • Construction Trend to Watch During the Next 10 Years
  • Helping Keep Client Budgets in Line with Needs and Wants
  • Keeping Your Head Above Water in a Sinking Job Security Through Diversification
  • Collaborating in the Construction Industry
  • Getting the Business Ready to Go
  • Helping Keep Your Construction Business Prosperous
  • Finding Construction Jobs in a Tough Economy

The e-book contains sections relating to starting your own construction business and keeping it prosperous and growing. The articles also enunciate some very important tricks to survive in this dicey economy which has been particularly harsh for the construction industry.

Number of Pages: 37 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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