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The Designing Career Guide

Be it an interior designer, a fashion designer, a jewelry designer, or a web designer - all designers have creative minds and leave a mark of their creation on the lives of others. With the boom in various industries there is a great demand for high quality professional designers in various fields.

Although designing is one of the rewarding careers but it is also an extremely challenging one. In order to be successful, a designer needs to know about the safety measures and market trends. ‘The Designing Career Guide’ teaches all that and more.

‘The Designing Career Guide’ is the antidote to your designing passion. The e-book is a crisp compilation of articles by top designing experts. ‘The Designing Career Guide’ is available in PDF version.

The e-book titled The Designing Career Guide includes sections on:

  • A Career in Video Game Designing
  • A Career in Multimedia Design
  • Designing with a Mouse
  • A Career as a Fashion Designer
  • The Art of Designing for Retail
  • Simple Holiday Designs
  • Costume Designers
  • Designing Careers in the Entertainment Business
  • Graphic Design Careers
  • Designing ''Judge-Worthy'' Book Covers
  • Designing the Look of a Production: Scenographers
  • Home Designing Tips for the Summer

Number of Pages: 36 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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