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The Human Resources Career Guide

Today, the most essential thing to brood over is the peculiar job vulnerabilities of HR professionals. The job of executing and preparing HR policies, fulfilling various obligations towards the employer as well as the employees, and changing the perception of people in other verticals about HR employees are some of the major issues every HR personnel wants to resolve.

The Human Resources Career Guide is a compilation of articles in the form of experiences of HR experts, providing solutions and guidance to cope with these issues based on deep study of past researches.

‘The Human Resources Career Guide’ teaches you how to find opportunities where others see obstacles. The career guide inspires you to foster positive relationships to increase job satisfaction.

The e-book contains sections regarding:

  • Producing quality work and getting it noticed
  • Dos and don’ts for creating and maintaining a successful career
  • Effective positive behaviors to exhibit in the workplace
  • Translating the value of quality, commitment, and kindness into money
  • Myths About the HR Professional as the Candidate in the Job Interview
  • Building Your Career in Human Resources: Walking the Tightrope
  • Job Analysis in Human Resources
  • Managing Procrastinators — A Challenge for Any HR Professional
  • Ten Rules for Securing Your HR Job and Enhancing Your Career
  • Tips for HR Personnel Who Want to Conduct Meaningful Interviews
  • Fighting the Vulnerability of a Human Resources Job
  • HR Careers: How Vital is Ethics in the Workplace?
  • Becoming a More Effective HR Manager by Building Your Mentoring Skills
  • Internal Strategic Consulting in a Human Resources Job
  • Workplace Stress and the Human Resources Professional

Number of Pages: 46 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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