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The Marketing Career Guide

The mantra behind success in the field of marketing is prioritization. The idea is to prioritize time, energy, and money. Through ‘The Marketing Career Guide’, marketing experts guide you by laying down specific techniques for effective marketing.

‘The Marketing Career Guide’ also emphasizes on the flourishing career in Market Research by briefing you on the basic requirements, scope, and expected salary in a successful market research career. The e-book also stresses on the fact how blogging has emerged as a new dimension to marketing managers.

The e-book titled ‘The Marketing Career Guide’ provides you interesting tips on:

  • Marketing Your Website
  • Branding Yourself Right
  • Marketing Prices
  • Effective Marketing Techniques to Glide through a Recession
  • Finding International Marketing Jobs
  • A Career in Market Research
  • Switching to Experiential Marketing for Long-term Benefits
  • Marketing through Trade Show Giveaways

It is widely known that many top executives started their careers in marketing. Read ‘The Marketing Career Guide’ to find out about the various opportunities that await you in the field of marketing.

Number of Pages: 26 pages


PRICE: $19.15

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