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The Psychology of Success

Majority of people become overly concerned with how they appear to other people, and this is a mistake that they make all through their careers. The Psychology of Success is a career guide that helps you rise above and not to get influenced by the opinions and judgments of other people. It teaches you to focus your energy and thought patterns on inspiration, creativity, and persistence rather than negativity, doubt, and fear.

Packed with crispy deterrent examples, the book teaches you to discover exactly who you want to be and to pursue that vision of yours despite what other people think. The Psychology of Success is an employee’s guide to corporate climbing in tough economic times. It is the third in the series of career education e-books titled “Up The Ladder In A Down Economy”.

The e-book contains sections relating to having trust in others and seizing opportunities however it presents itself, how people can shape what happens to you, and how to seek out positive influences and affirmation.

Number of Pages: 31 pages


PRICE: $19.95

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