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Truth or Consequences

Communication is one of the most important tools in your career. Calling the employer before sending your resume, or calling after an interview – both are great strategies to communicate with the employer and catch his attention.

In order to excel at a job, all that you need to do is to communicate, prove that you are trustworthy, love what you are doing, and be passionate about your work. The e-book titled Truth or Consequences includes sections on:
  • Proving that you can be trusted
  • Not lying on your resume or in an interview
  • Instead of lying, simply communicating your value
  • Communicating with relevance
  • Sharing what you know
  • Knowing that the way to truth is to love what you do
  • Having faith in yourself and your truth

Truth or Consequences is an employee’s guide to corporate climbing in tough economic times. It is the fourth in the series of career education e-books titled “Up The Ladder In A Down Economy.” The e-book teaches you suitable modes of communicating with the employers, and how to be credible in your life. Because once you lose credibility, your employment with an organization ends and your lack of credibility follows you to your next job and beyond.

Number of Pages: 34 pages


PRICE: $19.95

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