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Perfect Legal Job Search Book

As new law school graduates or seasoned attorneys, it’s easy to become frustrated with the job search process. Upon graduating from law school, most attorneys seek out the best jobs they can get. Yet sometimes, even after working for a few years, and possibly, even after multiple job changes, these attorneys still do not know where they really want to be in their legal careers. If they do know, they don’t implement the strategies to actually get there. The Perfect Legal Job Search e-Book can help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of searching for a job and help you find your ideal legal position.

The Perfect Legal Job Search e-Book is perfectly tailored to help attorneys find their next positions, whether they are looking for their first job fresh out of law school, or executing a lateral move as a senior partner. Learn about the most effective and efficient job search strategies to employ in your search for the legal position that suits you best. The principles contained herein can be applied to other legal-job searches, as well as to job searches outside the legal field.

The Perfect Legal Job Search e-Book is a publication of Legal Authority, a company that is completely dedicated to placing new and experienced attorneys with all types of legal employers. Legal Authority has helped thousands of attorneys find their next (or first) legal position. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience Legal Authority has gained over the years and apply it to your legal job search.

Number of Pages : 168 pages


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