PRODUCT > Celia Harkey: Staying Healthy in Law School

Celia Harkey: Staying Healthy in Law School

Join Judith Earley from LawCrossing as she interviews Celia Harkey, a registered dietician with the Midwest Dairy Association and representative for the Arkansas Diabetes Counsel, to discuss how law students can maintain their health. Harkey primarily stresses the importance of having a healthy lifestyle plan and sticking to it; this involves eating healthily, exercising, and consciously maintaining your mental health. Harkey also offers a variety of great tips on topics such as avoiding stress eating, as well as specific diet, snacking, and grocery-shopping tips.

Harkey also explains how to optimize your mental health through diet and physical activity. She states that it’s important to avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. She emphasizes that students should make sure that they are eating enough carbohydrates because they are crucial to efficient brain functioning. Harkey also highlights the importance of exercise, even in small amounts, stating that it’s the best study break you can take because it will help you maintain your focus.

Finally, Harkey stresses the importance of maintaining your mental health by watching for signs of stress and depression, saying that if you notice something is wrong, you should speak to a mental health professional immediately.

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