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George Socha: Electronic Discovery

Join Ken Davis from LawCrossing as he interviews George Socha, owner of Socha Consulting, on the growing importance of electronic discovery in the legal field. Socha discusses his legal background, how he became interested in technology, and how he successfully combined both of these interests into a thriving business. Electronic discovery is the process of obtaining information that was stored in an electronic format for litigation purposes. Socha’s company specializes in three areas: providing consulting services to corporations, law firms, and service groups in regards to electronic discovery.

Socha provides insight in to the field and how vital electronic discovery is to attorneys practicing law in today’s world. He explains that the recent growth in the field of electronic discovery is due to the growth of the Internet and email over the past decade. Large, medium and small firms are realizing that they need to utilize electronic discovery to properly represent their clients, as well as to facilitate the litigation process. Socha highlights that attorneys of all ages and all practices are increasingly recognizing that that they need to utilize electronic discovery to run a modern practice and successfully represent their clients.

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