PRODUCT > Jonathan Polak: O.J. Simpson's right to publicity case

Jonathan Polak: O.J. Simpson's right to publicity case

In this interview, Jonathan Polak, Director and Partner at Sommer Barnard in Indianapolis, discusses his law career and his most current and controversial case. He is representing the Goldman family in obtaining OJ Simpson's right to publicity in order to fulfill a monetary judgment that he was ordered to pay ten years ago. Simpson owes the Goldman and Brown families $33.5 million from a 1997 wrongful death civil case for the death's of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Polak also discusses other cases that he has handled as the chairman of his firm's intellectual property branch, as well as his innovative approach to law. His continuous quest to find solutions for cases that no one else has discovered keeps Polak's practice cutting edge and compelling.

Duration: 00:24:19


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