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The Importance of Using a Legal Recruiter

Join writer Jefferson Byrd as he interviews Debbie Acker, the Managing Director for legal recruiting firm BCG Attorney Search’s Palo Alto office. Acker is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, School of Law and practiced as a patent litigator before joining BCG Attorney Search.

Acker discusses the different styles of legal recruiting and points out that while some recruiters will concentrate solely on numbers and making profits, her personal philosophy involves focusing on what’s right for the clients and what’s right for the law firms. She strongly emphasizes that legal recruiters must get to know their clients, gaining understanding of their personalities, qualifications, and career goals in order to determine which firms they would best fit in at. Acker also discusses BCG Attorney Search’s policies of demonstrating honesty and integrity and focusing on individual service to clients.

In the interview, Acker explains why it’s best to use a legal recruiter. She says that law firms have so many hidden agendas that going about finding the right position without a recruiter’s aid is very difficult. Additionally, she states that a good recruiter will educate candidates about the legal market, help candidates weigh their options, and, in some cases, help non-traditional candidates find great positions by highlighting their strengths and representing them to the right law firms.

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