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Melissa Lierly: The Law School Experience

Melissa Lierly, a 3L at Florida Coastal School of Law, talks about her law school experiences. As Development Editor of the Florida Coastal Law Review, Lierly helps prepare new law review candidates for positions on the staff. In addition to serving as the law review's development editor, she is also Vice President of the school's Animal Law Society. As Vice President, she is involved in raising money, calling government officials, petitioning, and writing emails with regard to animal rights legislation.

Upon graduation, Lierly will be going to work for the Honorable John Webb, a judge for the Colorado Court of Appeals. Having interned with two judges while in law school, she is very excited about her upcoming judicial clerkship.

In addition to discussing her law school experiences and post-graduation plans, Lierly also offers some advice to law students on how to get the most out of law school. One thing she suggests is traveling, and she illustrates her point by talking about her own experience studying abroad in Chile and Argentina for four weeks one summer. She enjoyed herself so much, in fact, that she can't wait to go back and do some more traveling in the area.

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