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Michael McCann: Sports Law

Join journalist Charisse Dengler from LawCrossing as she interviews Michael McCann, Assistant Professor of Law at the Mississippi College School of Law and contributor to the popular Sports Law Blog on McCann teaches sports law, torts, and consumer law and writes primarily about sports law and social psychology in his blog. A lifelong sports fan, McCann discusses his background and the unique manner in which he has developed a successful career in sports law.

McCann also discusses the field of sports law and how it encompasses a wide spectrum of professions, including those of sports agents, in-house counsel for sports organizations, NCAA compliance officers, and sports litigators. Additionally, he talks about Sports Law Blog, which was founded in 2004 by Greg Skidmore, and how blogs are excellent legal forums in comparison to law review journals because they allow for instant feedback on current legal issues. McCann also comments on several hot topics in sports law, such as the Constitutionality of stadium security measures, as well as the NBA age eligibility rule.

Duration: 00:07:59


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