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Resume and Cover Letter Tips

Join journalist Charisse Dengler from LawCrossing as she speaks with Rebecca Unzicker, a professional resume and cover letter writer for Legal Authority. Legal Authority is a company that assists law school students and attorneys with finding jobs. It has the largest database of legal employer information in the world, containing contact details for more than 2 million legal employers. Unzicker is professionally trained to design resumes and cover letters that attract the attention of top legal employers.

In this interview, Unzicker shares tips for creating a commanding resume and cover letter. She stresses the importance of proofreading to ensure your resume is error-free; clearly and concisely presenting your accomplishments, education, and work experience; and limiting your resume to one page. Unzicker also discusses formatting and organizational methods that can improve the layout of your resume, as well as the chances that an employer will notice it. Finally, Unzicker highlights the role of the cover letter as a vehicle for showing employers a bit of your personality and letting them know how to get in contact with you, emphasizing that the more experience you have, the shorter your cover letter can be.

Duration : 5:03


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