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Scott Ginsberg-How to Make a Great First Impression

Join Judith Earley from LawCrossing as she interviews Scott Ginsberg, author and motivational speaker. Ginsberg has written Hello, My Name is Scott, The Power of Approachability, and How to Be That Guy. In his work, he focuses on teaching people how to be approachable and unforgettable, as well as how to make great first impressions on others. He provides insight as to why people communicate with one another and how understanding that can help you relate to others.

Ginsberg offers a great deal of advice on how to start networking and creating new business contacts. He discusses the importance of being willing to meet new people and feeling excited about doing so. He states that being approachable and keeping lines of communication open will inevitably lead individuals down the right paths, and he talks about several other secrets to securing strong relationships, as well.

In addition, Ginsberg offers advice to students who may be new to their cities or schools. He highlights the importance of setting up a plan for meeting people, having goals, and actively trying to accomplish those goals. He stresses that the most important step is just getting out there and introducing yourself to people because you never know who will be your next great friend or important business contact.

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