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The Washington, D.C. Legal Job Market

Join Jefferson Byrd as he conducts an in-depth interview with legal recruiting firm BCG Attorney Search’s Nationwide General Manager, Simon Cairns, and Washington, DC, Managing Director, Dan Binstock, on the legal job market in Washington, DC. Cairns studied at the Inns of Court School of Law and worked as a barrister in London before moving to the U.S. to become a legal recruiter. Binstock studied law at American University in Washington, DC, and is considered one of the best recruiters in the area.

Cairns and Binstock discuss the unique nature of the Washington, DC, legal market and dispel the myth that there are only government and political positions available for attorneys there. Binstock states that there are several hot practice areas in DC, including corporate, litigation, tax, real estate, and intellectual property law. Binstock also talks about the benefits of practicing in DC, stating that there is less of an emphasis on working long hours than there is in New York.

However, Binstock also discusses the negative aspects of the DC job market. It is a difficult market to break into unless you have connections. Additionally, there are many attorneys in DC, and positions usually go to the people with the best credentials and most experience.

Duration : 31:21


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