PRODUCT > Interview with Attorney/Fiction Writer Julie Hilden

Interview with Attorney/Fiction Writer Julie Hilden

Join journalist Charisse Dengler from LawCrossing as she interviews attorney-author Julie Hilden. Hilden is a graduate of Yale Law School and formerly clerked for Judges Steven Briar and Kendall Woods. In addition, she has written two novels, The Bad Daughter and Three. Hilden discusses a variety of interesting topics, ranging from her desire to write to why she found clerking for a district court judge so interesting to the reason she hasn’t yet written a legal thriller.

Hilden also talks about the relationship between legal writing and creative writing, as well as how law school and legal writing positively influenced her creative process and work. Additionally, she offers insight to other attorneys who would like to become writers regarding how to transition from the legal field to the creative writing field, as well as on how important targeting a specific audience is to getting your work published.

Duration: 00:07:41


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