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Nicole Paquette: Animal Law

Join Jen Woods from LawCrossing as she interviews Nicole Paquette, General Counsel of the Animal Protection Institute in California. Paquette provides a basic overview of the Animal Protection Institute, a nonprofit organization that works on a variety of animal issues at local, state, national, and international levels. Paquette also discusses her duties as both General Counsel and Director of Legal and Governmental Affairs, describing how she oversees all litigation and legislative efforts, in addition to reviewing contracts and materials, performing legal outreach campaigns, and meeting the general legal needs of the organization.

Additionally, Paquette talks about her unique background and offers advice to law school students and attorneys who would like to enter the field of animal law. She discusses the importance of being very persistent and dedicated to the field, since there are so few animal law positions available. She also emphasizes the importance of interning with animal rights organizations while in law school and making contacts in order to start a career in the field.

Duration: 13:07:03


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