PRODUCT > Natalie McKenney: Practicing as a Paralegal

Natalie McKenney: Practicing as a Paralegal

Charisse Dengler talks with Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson paralegal Natalie McKenney about her 10 years in the paralegal profession. From jumping on a plane and flying to Northern Minnesota to inspect a bridge to being an integral part of trial work, McKenney has just about done it all over the course of her paralegal career. In this interview, she discusses her inspiration for becoming a paralegal, the aspects of her job that she enjoys most, and some of the emotional highlights she has experienced professionally.

She also shares her opinion on what she thinks are some of the most pertinent issues facing the paralegal profession and gives advice to paralegal students. Additionally, she goes into detail about the factors that helped her decide the paralegal profession was the place for her, even after she studied criminology in preparation to become an attorney.

Duration: 00:10:38


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