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Sandy Pfau Englund: Non-Profit Legal Organizations

Join Jen Woods from LawCrossing as she interviews Sandy Pfau Englund, founder of the successful Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law Firm. Englund discusses the field of nonprofit law, stating that most nonprofit organizations seek legal counsel for help with starting their organizations in the appropriate manner, for aid with contract review, drafting, and negotiation, and regarding the legal implications that arise from fundraising. Englund also talks about her practice and says that although the majority of her firm’s work involves helping nonprofits start up their organizations, her niche practice is aiding parent-teacher organizations.

Englund advises law school students and lawyers who are interested in careers in the nonprofit legal field to pursue their ambitions, since aiding organizations that are trying to improve society makes for an extremely rewarding career. Additionally, she states that nonprofit law is a unique field of law to enter into, since it’s one of the few practice areas that allow attorneys to build nationwide practices. Englund also offers legal advice to nonprofit organizations, explaining that although the amount of litigation in the nonprofit field is small, it is becoming more prevalent; therefore, all nonprofit organizations should have insurance.

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